Complete services for indoor printing (flexible materials)

Our team makes indoor prints of different sizes at high resolutions (600 dpi – 1440 dpi), to guarantee an image accuracy comparable to the photographic one. The supports that we use at Inspot Design for indoor printing on flexible roll media are film backlite, white back paper, photo paper, white PVC sticker, transparent PVC sticker, canvas, photo wallpaper, any other support (digital print on rigid support, window graphic, floor graphic, etc.)

Inspot Design specialists recommend laminating the prints with glossy or matte foil, to avoid their rapid deterioration and for a high quality image. The laminating process protects the prints from damage caused by water, scratches, wind or UV rays

Upon request we can provide the graphic concept and the DTP necessary for the production, as well as their assembly at national level. For the indoor prints, Inspot Design offers the guarantee of high quality materials and printing depending on the support and the desired application

We always make sure that the materials we use are of the highest quality. Also, the realization and finishing of the indoor prints takes place in professional conditions, so that the result is the expected one, both according to the clients’ requirements and to the Inspot Design standards