Luminous or non-luminous volumetric letters for spectacular signaling

Volumetric letters can be used successfully to signal reception rooms, conference rooms or showrooms. For outdoor use, they can be used to signal building facades and rooftops. Thus, the volumetric letters can be arranged on a metal structure or on an aluminum frame

In order to help its clients as much as possible, Inspot Design also realizes the graphic concept, 2D and 3D simulations and the technical memory. We offer transportation, installation and maintenance all over the country

To obtain an exterior or interior effect signal, Inspot Design recommends that clients use volumetric letters. They can be made in a variety of forms, from different materials such as plexiglass, PVC komacel, sheet, aluminum or extruded foam (polystyrene). Volumetric letters can be luminous or non-luminous. These can be illuminated either directly, with a spectral tube or LED interior, or indirectly through the halo

Inspot Design also offers consulting, adapting its services to the needs and possibilities of the clients. The materials used are resistant to temperature, humidity and UV rays, so they will have an extended lifetime and customers will enjoy them for a long time