Advertising billboards in a variety of forms

Advertising billboards can be of the following type:

  • Backlit – single-sided or double-sided, these are suitable for building exposure or for ground display
  • Frontlit – made of painted sheet, supported by metal arms

We also don’t back down to producing atypical dimensions. The panels are made of metallic structure with decorated or printed polypropylene, tensioned on the frame, being illuminated with metal iodide or LED spotlights

Totems are vertically arranged elements that require concrete foundations. Totems are used especially for outdoor signage, being located at company headquarters, gas stations or shopping centers. Inspot Design executes several types of totems: alucobond, plexiglas or polyplane. To achieve the desired effect, they can comprise both volumetric and luminous elements

Inspot Design creates the graphic concept, 2D and 3D simulations, technical memory and the approved project for these totems, the materials used being resistant to temperature, humidity and UV rays. We also provide transportation, installation and maintenance throughout the country, as well as outside it

Advertising billboardsAdvertising billboards